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Misc Services

Your trusted partner in total integrated logistic solution

Supply Chain Solutions

Effective supply chain management means delivering seamless and integrated solutions that bring tangible results to cost-efficiency, customer satisfaction and bottom-line results.

To support your sourcing and distribution activities in multiple countries, we are well positioned to offer you customised and integrated solutions in highly sophisticated supply chains. Building on our expertise, we offer tailor-made supply chain solutions to meet the unique requirements of each and every customer.

Our dedicated key account management teams consistently devise new operation models and solutions for our customers and manage their supply chains in multiple locations, from consultation to implementation. The benefits are lowered inventory, shortened delivery lead time and significant cost saving.

Through long-term partnership, competitive cost management and continuous improvement, we strive to achieve your strategic requirements at a global, regional and local level.

Customs Brokerages

We have a highly trained customs brokerage team, handling all clearance and compliance service which is equipped with knowledge and know-how on local and global complexity out of the customs process.

We are the 1st company in East Malaysia to be awarded with bonded license by local authority and from there onward, we have gain multiple licenses that enable us to handle any declaration for any authority. Being authorized to handle ASEAN-CHINA FREE TRADE AREA (ACFTA) putting us on a list of few company that can handle and apply tax exemption from the local and international authority.

We know the importance of customs brokerage in getting your products to their destination to avoid any potential risk. Our main priority is to minimize these risks of all customs process especially when moving freight across international borders. This is obtained by deploying a dedicated professional globally who have multi-lingual capability and a clear understanding of the intricacies of trade regulations and agreements at global, regional, national and local levels. We will assure that we provide an expert guidance and advice on every matter related to customs procedure.

Insurance Brokerage

We provide an insurance service just to ensure that your freight is covered against any unfortunate event during transportation.

From a single shipment or securing your cargo with open policy coverage, our team of insurance brokerage experts is ready to meet and customized your insurance demand. With our specialized team of RISK MANAGEMENT consultant, we further insure matters relating to supply chain risk assessment specifically and also devise suitable and precise risk treatment proposals including insurance.

In the event of loss, damage or theft, customers may report instantly through our incident report portal system and obtain the first available advice from our claim handling team. As a general rule, compensation is normally bound by “limitation of liability” in carriage contracts. Our brokerage consultant team is capable of customising an insurance program in your context to obtain optimum compensation at cost effective rates.